The Wine Forger’s Handbook

The Wine Forger's Handbook

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Fine wine is a multi-million dollar industry, and is fraught with peril. From forged bottles to fraudulent contents, from mislabeled wine to misled consumers, wine has been faked, forged, and used for fraud for as long as it has been consumed. This long read eBook provides a brief history of forgery and fraud in the fine wine world, including case studies on Kurniawan and Rodenstock and many others, from America to China. But this eBook also functions as a guide, both on how fraudsters have been found out, and tips on how to avoid being fooled in your own wine purchases. Written by a pair of award-winning writers, wine expert Stuart George and best-selling art crime expert Dr. Noah Charney, The Wine Forger's Handbook is a fun, informative, engaging read, and one which could potentially save you from being fooled in your own wine investments. Ideal for anyone from wine collectors to casual drinkers, or those who enjoy true crime stories of forgery, deception, and detection against the vivid backdrop of the world of wine.


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